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A Little About Me

Hi!! Welcome! My name is Veronica Zapata and I am a licensed photographer based in El Dorado Hills, California.  I have always had a deep passion for photography that began as a little girl.  I loved saving up my money from doing chores and going down to the corner store to buy a disposable camera.  It was always very exciting to get the film processed and I enjoyed displaying my work along my bedroom wall.  In High School, I was fortunate enough to take a photography class that allowed me to develop my own photos in a dark room.

The process was amazing!  In college I studied photography and photoshop college and afterwards, I decided to turn my passion into a business.

As a mom, I know how difficult it is to get my kids to cooperate and hold still long enough for me to get a decent picture of them.  My goal is to give moms and dads a chance to relax during a photo session.  YES!  I said it, RELAX! My job is to prompt your children (even some husbands) to get comfortable and give the camera those genuine, happy smiles.  I have been able to get even the most stubborn of people to loosen up and enjoy getting their pictures taken.  Family pictures will no longer be something you dread!!  Let's make family pictures fun again!

Send me a message to find out my availability and let's get you on the calendar!

The Origin of Pine + Brook


The name Pine + Brook was born from symbols of what is most important to me.  I was raised in the Pacific Northwest, in a small town in Washington along the Columbia River.  Pine trees remind me of home and make me feel nostalgic for my childhood.  My husband lived in a city named Bound Brook when we met. Bound Brook, New Jersey is where we have a lot of our first memories together as a couple.  I like to think of Bound Brook as to where we really started falling for each other.  In my logo there are three pine trees (soon to be four) that represent my three beautiful children.  My husband and my kids are my whole life.  They have supported me on this photography journey of mine and they are my drive to succeed. 

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